Lakewood Land Company is dedicated to finding properties and land investments for clients that meet and exceed their dreams and expectations. With a wide range of well-priced real estate investments in the southeastern region of the United States, Lakewood Land Company draws on over 60 years of combined industry experience to cover all aspects of property acquisition.

Mountain land purchases can be desirable for those seeking tranquility and stunning natural views. Before making a land purchase, however, the following factors should be considered. First, a planned property site’s stability should be determined; many real estate agencies offer blocks of land with flat and level building sites for this purpose. Also, a method of sewage disposal is essential, as is a ready supply of drinking water and adequate possibilities for plumbing and utilities. Real estate agencies may offer blocks of land with underground utilities included in the list of amenities.

Your access to and from the property should be determined, so as to avoid being “landlocked.” An access road from your property that leads to a recognized state-maintained road should be planned and constructed. Finally, determine the ownership of mineral rights, which may need to be purchased separately, and assess the flood risk. Much of this information should be readily available from your state or local council office.

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