Specializing in land liquidation projects in the most beautiful lakeside and mountaintop locations in the southeastern region of the United States, Lakewood Land Company is a market leader in the real estate industry. With over 60 combined years of experience, the team at Lakewood Land Company is expert at finding the optimal land or property acquisition for clients, and offers professional guidance and support throughout the entire purchasing process.

Bargain-hunters searching for unique land and property investment opportunities may benefit from investigating foreclosed investments. A foreclosure generally occurs when the previous owners were unable to fulfill the requirements of their mortgage repayments. As a result of this, the land or property is surrendered, often to the bank that controls the mortgage. 

Real-estate owned properties (REO foreclosures) are the safest way to invest, as they come with the security of access to the property for inspection. You may choose to visit the property after getting informed about sale prices of comparable blocks of land or properties in the area. Be sure to ask about existing liens: this information can be obtained by conducting a title search on the property or block in question, or consulting with the real estate agency. You may submit a bid for a foreclosed property though the real estate agency, or you may choose to attend a foreclosure auction or event.

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